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  • 888亚博娱乐城_yabo亚博体育_亚博体育 Streaming Mirror Dual Dash Cam

    9.88" Touch Screen, Auto Reverse Parking Backup, Motion and Collision Detection Parking Mode

    Price: $189.99

    1080P+1080P Dash Cam with Super Night Vision, LDWS, External GPS and Support up to 128G Max.

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    Product Description

    mirror camera

    mirror camera    

    mirror camera

    wide angle rear view mirror

    back up camera

    backup camera

    9.88" Touch Screen Streaming Mirror

    The 9.88" streaming media dash cam will provide you with super clear and bright image real-time without any delay. All operations interface can be easily navigated by swiping your fingers with touchscreen. It is easier to enter the multi-function menu and set up the camera.

    Dual 1080P Front and Rear Recording

    The dual 1080P dash cam captures road front (160°) and Rear (140°) in crystal details, capturing license plates or signposts clear, provides excellent coverage and ensures you get the very best footage all day and night. The front and the rear camera can recording simultaneously.

    Auto Reverse Parking Backup Camera

    When reversing, the screen will automatically display full HD reverse image from rear view camera. Also, the parking guide line will help you easily and safely park your car. The high resolution rear camera with reverse detection has stays protected from dust and water, while still delivering clear 1080p recordings.

    Front and Rear Parking Mode

    Auto switch to parking mode 5 mins after you parked your car. With dash cam hardwired(kit asin: B07G9WTWB9), both the front and rear camera run in standby mode and awakening when motion are detected. With collision detection function, if the car experiences an impact with a g-force level when the dash cam off, it will auto on to record, and lock the videos in the “Emergency video” Folder.

    rear view camera

    dual dash cam

    backup camera for car

    rear view mirror backup camera

    Loop Recording

    When the storage space is full, the mirror cam will automatically overwrite the earliest videos segment with new files. With Loop Recording enabled, you never have to worry about purchasing additional cards when capacity is full. It supports 128GB sd card max(not included).


    Built-in G-sensor, when the recorder senses emergency shock and collision, the video files will be locked and stored automatically, ensuring your most important footage is kept protected.

    GPS Function

    GPS records the precise speed (KM/H or MP/H), direction, longitude and latitude data for your dash cam while driving. External GPS (Included) has better signal receiving than build-in GPS.


    The Lane Departure Warning System will deliver an alarm when you depart from your lane Guard your safety always.




    888亚博娱乐城_yabo亚博体育_亚博体育 GPS Player (for windows)

    No viruses ,,69M


    888亚博娱乐城_yabo亚博体育_亚博体育 User Manual

    No viruses ,,20.7M


    888亚博娱乐城_yabo亚博体育_亚博体育 Dash Cam Firmware Update

    VTM19H.V3 ,,7.61M


    888亚博娱乐城_yabo亚博体育_亚博体育 Dash Cam Firmware Update Instruction

    VTM19H.V3 ,,13.4k


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