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  • Vantrue 10ft Mini USB 12V-24V Dash Cam Hardwire Kit

    Mini/ACS/ATO/Micro2 Add a Circuit Fuse Holders, Low Voltage Protection

    Price: $15.99

    For Vantrue N2 Pro/N2/X3/T2/N1 Pro/X1, GPS Navigator, Radar Detector

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  • 【High compatibility】This hardwire kit is suitable for most car models(Voltage between 12-24V), while the other hardwire kit is just fit for 12V.

  • 【Low voltage protection】It will power off automatically if your car’s battery gets lower than 11.4V or 22.8V to prevent it draining the battery.

  • 【Mulitiple uses】 This hardwire kit is applied to almost all car mini USB device, like dash cam, GPS navigator and radar detector etc.

  • 【24 hours surveillance】It’s not only guaranteed 24 hours working of parking mode, but also save charging port for more device.

  • 【Add a circuit fuse adapter】Add a circuit fuse adapters, it will makes your car more neat as the hidden wiring.

  • Specs

    Vantrue 10ft Mini USB 12V-24V Dash Cam Hardwire Kit with 

    Mini USB Connector

    Input Voltage
    DC 12V-24V

    Output Voltage


    Output Current


    Working Temperature

    -22°F to 167°F (-30°C to 75°C)

    Cable Length:


    Low Voltage Protection

    11.4V for 12V vehicle; 22.8V for 24V vehicle




    Vantrue hardwire kit user manual

    No viruses ,,366MB


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