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  • 888亚博娱乐城_yabo亚博体育_亚博体育 1440P Dash Cam

    Your ultimate driving partner pro.

    Price: $99.99

    Vantrue OnDash X1 Pro 1440P Dash Cam

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    Key Features

    ● 2.5K 2560x1440P@30fps Crystal Clear Video                    

    ● 1080P 60fps HD Video & Audio Recording                    

    ● Super Night Vision with F1.8 6-Layer Optical Glass Lens                    

    ● 170° Wide Viewing Angle                    

    ● Auto LCD OFF                    

    ● Continuous Loop Recording & G-sensor                    

    ● 24 Hours Motion Detection Parking Monitor                    

    ● Optional GPS to track speed, route, location                   



    Parking Mode                                

    1920x1080P @60fps Dash Cam

    Shots videos up to 2.5K 2560x1440P@30fps, while 1920*1080P 60fps better for you to captures fast moving traffic and smoother video with clearly in high speed.

    Super HDR Night Vision Car Camera

    F1.8 6-Layer Optical Glass Lens with HDR, dust and heatproof, helps capture high-quality images in a bad environment, which ensures super night vision at night.

    24 Hours Parking Monitor

    Auto switch to Parking mode after your parked your car 5 minutes. Auto record when senses movement in front of your car. Please hardwire (Asin: B07G9WTWB9) it or connect it with external battery pack when parking.


    Loop Recording                                


    G-Sensor Emergency Lock

    Auto save of sudden braking and unexpected impact with a built-in G-sensor to “Event Folder” so they won't be overwritten. You can also lock the important videos manually.

    Loop Recording

    Loop recording auto overwrite the oldest files once card reaches capacity. Support 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB card, please format on the dash cam before using.

    Time Lapse

    Time-lapse function auto takes photos at specified intervals and edit them together for you to record movements, changes, or events that take place over a long period of time, or just captures frames for a time-lapse video of a multi-week road trip, greatly saved space on your memory card.




    Optional GPS

    Optional GPS module can record your route, location and speed in either KM/H or MP/H, you can check the GPS information on the Vantrue GPS player. To use GPS function, please buy an extra X1 PRO GPS mount to use it(Asin:  B07CPSBXWL).

    LCD Rotation

    Strong suction mount sticks to the windshield firmly, yet it is very easy to remove. If windshield mount is illegal in your state, the LCD Rotate Function offers you an alternative option to mount the dash cam upright on your dashboard. (Please note: the adhesive disc is not included, please buy an adhesive disc to mount on the dashboard).

    Temperature Proof

    Equipped with PC and ABS housing, the X1 pro dash cam can resist heat and cold damage to the dash cam from -4 to 194 Deg, working temp is -4 to 158 Deg, which ensures safety when you are driving.


    OnDash X1 Pro
    NOVATEK NT96660
    2.7 inch TFT LCD (16:9)
    170 degrees wide viewing angle and full 6 layer glass lens with wide aperture of F/1.8.


    H.264 compressed format; 2560x1440P30,1920x1080P60, 1920x1080P30, 1280x720P30
    Built-in microphone and speaker
    Internal memory: 4M External: SDHC (8-256GB, micro SD card of Class 10)
    Electronic shutter
    USB Port
    USB2.0, mini
    130mAh 3.7V Polymer Li-ion battery
    Working Temp.
    32 – 158 deg. Fahrenheit, 0-70 deg. Celsius

    Storage Temp.

    14 – 176 deg. Fahrenheit, -10 - 80 deg. Celsius
    PC Operation System
    Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10/Mac



    888亚博娱乐城_yabo亚博体育_亚博体育 Dash Cam User Manual

    No viruses ,,1.24 MB


    888亚博娱乐城_yabo亚博体育_亚博体育 Dash Cam Firmware Update

    VTX1Pro8E.V3 ,,4.67 MB


    888亚博娱乐城_yabo亚博体育_亚博体育 Dash Cam Firmware Update Instruction

    VTX1Pro8E.V3 ,


    How to upgrade the firmware?

    Dear Customer,

    Please follow the Steps below to upgrade your device:


    1.     Download the firmware file ( to your PC;

    2.     Format you microSD card on the camera, and then connect the camera to the computer through the USB port on the camera. Copy the firmware file (in .bin format) to the microSD card, then unplug the camera from the computer and turn it off;

    Note: the firmware file (in .bin format) could not be recognized by computer, it could just be recognized by the dash cam, so don’t try to open it on PC, just copy it to the card.


    3.     Plug the camera to a power charger (not computer), or press the power button;

    4.     Then the camera will auto upgrade, and it will take about 30 secs to 1 min, during this time, the camera will not turn on and will not respond to any button or operation;

    5.     Once the dash cam upgraded successfully, it will turn on and work.

    6.     Please have a check the version of your device now (go to the System Setup menu and turn to the Version) and see if it is VTX1Pro7H.V1. If it is, then the camera has been upgraded successfully.

    7.     Remove the file from the microSD card when the update has been completed, or the camera will upgrade itself everytime when it detects the firmware file in the card.




    Thank you! 


    Any question, please contact us at



    Best regards,


    Vantrue Team

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